Our company wanted to create a
Golf-Electro-Caddy including bag as case for the problem-free transport to 
golf-courses all over the world.

Developing the unique and world-wide new Golf-UniversalCase we succeeded in creating a unit, which may be changed into a
Electro- / Hand- / Drive-Caddybag, Golfbag, Winterbag, Travel-Case / Trolley
with just a few quick movements.

As a normal piece of luggage our UniversalCase allows a problem-free transport on flying as well as in your trunk (sports car); it offers chambers for 14 golf clubs, bags and interior space for golf clothing as well as for accessory.

The design is changeable and allows a new design of material and colour at any time.

On developing the UniversalCase we above all focused on compactness, low weight, stability, high loading capacity, uncomplicated handling and absolute flexibility.

Highlight for flight transport
and sports car